How Planning Transformed One Small Business

Roger’s words as he was driving away from a recent client…

I just completed a meeting with the leadership team of a relatively new client. It’s interesting to realize where they were before and where they are now.


When I first met with this leadership team, they were a little lethargic. They’d kind of gotten into a rut—day-to-day survival, handling issues popping up, frustrations, and frequent negative discussions about what was happening around them and to them.

Today we were reviewing their 2nd quarter 90-day action plan and the energy in the room was palpable. It was really exciting to see it. They’re holding each other accountable for the actions they’ve committed to, they’re supporting and encouraging each other, they’re jumping in to offer support, advice, and encouragement. The energy is right there. They’ve got tons of new ideas coming out; even actions that aren’t on the list are being identified and acted upon. The momentum that’s being built from just 2 quarters is tremendous from my perspective.

This stuff is fun

It really does make the reason for what I do so stark and so real, when you have a group of people like that who have simply transformed in that short a time. The fun thing is that they’re on the right path. We’ve gotten prices increased to all of their customers, we’re working on their USP (unique selling proposition) so that we can really identify what makes them special. Then we’re doing corresponding work to create a guarantee that takes that uniqueness and codifies it in a way that can be marketed and presented to the world. We’ve begun to work on identifying their ideal clients. We’re handling the real difficult issue of finding people in an extremely low unemployment environment. We’re working on right-sizing inventory and taking actions to minimize the impact of actions that’ve built inventory over time, some inventory they can sell and some they’re stuck with and they’ve got to figure out to handle. But its all dollars tied up in their business and they’re trying to find a way to free those up and then preventing it from happening again. We’re talking about training their people and developing their people and some really great ideas are coming from that and some great partnerships are happening from that.

All that said, its really about this group of people being transformed… going from being in a rut, generally down on themselves, their organization, and their future and now being in a place of really seeing and feeling what’s possible for them.

Its just the most exciting thing to see, for me, in life. So many of us have such great potential and we just don’t unleash it. And sometimes it takes something so simple as a planning process, as an accountability process after the plan is created, to generate that kind of momentum and that kind of transformation. So I encourage you if you’re not doing regular planning, to please do so. It makes a huge difference.

I invite you to join us in a 6-hour group setting with other business owners who are also working on their business’ operating plans.

Our coaches will spend one-on-one time with you, ask you the right questions, and give you the advice you need to walk away with a completed 1-page Business Operating Plan and a 90-day Action Plan

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Thur., June 27, 2019, 9 – 3 pm
Holiday Inn Indianapolis Airport, 8555 Stansted Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46241

Here’s what one Growth Plan Workshop attendee said, “… 1 million details transformed into clear and focused priorities.”  Publishing Company Owner, Bloomington, IN

You’ll walk away with:

  • A clear picture of where you want your business to be in 10-30 years, a 3-5 year plan, a 90-day plan, & a ready-to-implement action plan to get you there
  • Your 12-month goals broken into bite-size quarterly goals, monthly milestones, & weekly actions
  • Strategies to build your profits right away
  • Transformed actions and attitudes of all your team members


    To your transformed business,

    Certified Business Coach Roger Engelau and His Team of Expert Business Coaches

    Inspire Results Business Coaching

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