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Inspire Results Business Coaching provides event presentations that inspire business leaders to take the next step toward success. Our business coaches are ready to speak at your next event on virtually any topic, from the usefulness of budgeting to change management.

Meet Our Speakers

With every presentation, your audience gets hard-hitting, practical guidance based on real-life stories shared by our coaches, who are also successful business owners and executives.

Roger Engelau

Owner | CEO and Senior Business Coach

Brad Justus

Partner, Senior Business Coach

Natalie Menke

Senior Business Coach

Kent Fisher

Business Coach

Brian Kemple

Business Coach

Micky Reese

Business Coach

Sherry Ryden

Business Coach

Presentation Topics

Our presentation topics are based on proven business coaching methods from our SERVANT Whole-Business Model and cover the following key elements for small business success:

Sales & Marketing
  • Foundation for a Strong Marketing ROI
  • The Challenger Sale—Customer Loyalty & Sales Success
  • The New Rules of Lead Generation—Proven Strategies to Maximize Marketing ROI
  • 6 Steps to Effective Communication
  • A Beautiful Question—Leveraging the Power of Questions to Lead Well
  • Conversational Intelligence—Leading Positive
  • Change Through Conversation
  • Dare to Lead by Brene Brown
  • Developing the Leader in You
  • Emotional Intelligence—How to Maximize Your EQ Skills
  • Essentialism—Tips for Doing Less but Better
  • Extraordinary Influence—How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Others
  • Fake it Till You Make it—Leadership Training Series
  • Innovation Leadership—Based on the Ted Talk by Linda Hill
  • Leadership—Good to Great by Jim Collins
  • Leadership—Success in Business and in Life
  • Leadership Styles & Theories of Leadership
  • Leadership Team Development—Creating & Managing Your Leadership Team
  • Leading Positive Change Through Conversation
  • No Mutual Mystification—Leadership Communication that Avoids Assumptions
  • Servant Leadership—7 Pillars of Servant Leadership
  • Spiritual Capital—Make the Invisible Visible
  • The 6 Leadership Styles by Hay McBer
  • The Coaching Habit—How to Lead by Coaching
  • Tools for a Successful Mindset
  • Unlocking Potential—Through Employee Coaching
  • Customer Success—A Different Way of Thinking About Customer Engagement
  • 25 Essential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)—Identifying Your Critical Few KPIs
  • Business Buying Basics
  • Business Selling Basics
  • Business Value Building
  • Culture Creation Process
  • Finding Your Why & Unparalleled Success
  • Planning & Aligning Your Business for Success
  • Single Sheet Business Plan (SSBP) & Quarterly Action Plan (QAP) Creation
  • Small Giants—Focus on Being Great Versus Being Big
  • The Advantage by Pat Lencioni—Comprehensive Program to Build Organizational Health
  • Vivid Vision—Aligning Your Business
  • CEO’s Guide to Building Momentum for Customer & Profit Growth
  • CEO’s Guide to Strong Cash Flow
  • Good Profit by Charles Koch—Unlocking Business Value
  • Profit First—A Different Way of Managing the Financial Aspects of Your Business
  • 4DX—The 4 Disciplines of Execution
  • Atomic Habits—Creating Good Habits
  • Scaling up by Verne Harnish—Enhancing Your Operations for Growth
  • What is Mind Mapping and How to Do It
  • Winning—Key Lessons by Jack Welch
  • 7 Steps to Better Teamwork
  • Change the Culture Change the Game—Leverage Your Culture to Produce Results
  • Create a Seamless Onboarding Process
  • Crucial Accountability—Tools for Holding Your People Accountable
  • Hiring Great Employees Even During a Labor Shortage
  • The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team by Pat Lencioni
  • The Attributes—Recruiting for Critical Attributes
  • Traction—Right People Right Seats Tool

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