At Inspire Results Business Coaching, our deepest passion is to help business owners solve their challenges so they can create stronger businesses and, in turn, stronger communities for those who reside in them today and for all who will enjoy them in the future.

We believe business owners are the building blocks of strong communities. We’ve been dismayed by the struggle we see so many business owners go through, and we know how to help.

If you’re interested in being a business coach, let’s talk.Inspire Results Business Coaching

What’s required?

Shared beliefs and passion first and foremost. Then, a broad and deep knowledge of most all aspects of business and industry. And prior business ownership helps you identify with the unique challenges business owners face, which are different than those faced by business leaders in large corporate environments. Finally, even though we have established selling avenues, there’s no getting around the need for your ability to sell yourself.

As an Inspire Results Business Coach you’ll

  • Be part of an established firm with a strong reputation for results and one that has established coaching methodologies, processes, diagnostics, and tools… all geared toward the small to mid-size business leader.
  • Get professional marketing support including things like radio, website and social media, established logo and branding, sell sheets, branded merchandise, and a large data base of business owners.
  • Enjoy sales support including joint sales calls, post-coaching coach-the-coach, referrals and leads when available, facilitation and speaking opportunities at regular workshops.
  • Have technical support available like a comprehensive CRM system and Office 365 including cloud backup
  • Get operational support like invoicing and collections, automatic merchant payment processing
  • Be your own boss. You’re an independent contractor so you set your own goals and hours.
  • Have an opportunity to become a partner


Inspire Results Business Coaching has the lowest fee share in the business coaching industry. Inspire Results business coaches can make 6 figures with as few as 8 clients. A typical full-time client load is 18 to 22 clients.


Contact Susie Engelau for more information. We’re always happy to sit down and talk through whether it’s the right fit.