The Power of a Killer Guarantee

Do you have a killer guarantee in your company?

One that stops your customers in their tracks with its power… even makes them feel a little foolish for NOT doing business with you?

Sure, sure, I’ve heard all the arguments against guarantees:  It’s too risky! People will take advantage of us!  What if we can’t make good on it?  It’s true, you might have an odd person here or there trying to game the system.

But the fact is that a solid guarantee will bring you so much MORE business if you do it right, that you can easily afford to deal with a few knuckleheads.  Besides, it’s a myth that customers will rip you off by taking advantage of your guarantee.  It rarely happens.

And in the end, guarantees help customers feel more comfortable pulling the trigger by reducing their risk and increasing your credibility.

Let’s say you’re looking for a moving company. You go online and get a wide range of quotes. You’re nervous because you don’t want to hire a company with workers who’ll break something or swear in front of your kids or smell bad.

Then you see this in the corner of one site: “We promise to be gentle with your things. We’ll quote up front and stick to it and we’ll be polite and presentable. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your experience, your move is FREE.”  Even when you find out they charge more, you choose them because they have the courage to answer all your worries.

How can you create a heart-stopping, business-attracting, totally killer guarantee?  Follow these simple steps…

First, list your customers’ biggest frustrations and fears. Then ask yourself what you can do that will relieve them and that you can deliver 100% of the time.

Good guarantees are usually gutsy – “We promise to deliver anywhere in the US by 9am.”  Don’t be afraid to be gutsy. The stats show that most customers don’t even ask for us as business owners to make good on the guarantees we offer. Of course we should be able to if asked but  the point is, you don’t need to let worry about the cost of delivering on your guarantee stop you from making a courageous and gallant guarantee.

Resist the temptation to just go with “Results Guaranteed”  or “100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back.”  They’re meaningless and ineffective because we’ve heard them a million times and because the power of the guarantee is in the specifics, and these are general.

Here’s a good example that one of my heating and cooling business owners settled on. He advertises it as a “No drama or Scare Tactics Guarantee—”We diagnose your problem and communicate it to you in clear, simple language. We won’t force the most expensive fix when it’s not necessary. Otherwise, your service is free.”

Here’s a good one from a manufacturer: “We test your new machinery with your drills, rotors, compressors, and hydraulic parts. Your new equipment will perform in your facility, to the performance specifications we quote and test. If it doesn’t and we’re not able to fix it, you can return it for a full refund…and we’ll uninstall it at our cost.”

These guarantees are effective because they take your customers’ biggest objections and fears and eliminate the risk involved.  The result is that they’ll choose you over your competition time and time again.

Are you ready to create a killer guarantee?  Our FREE USP and Guarantee Creation tool will take you step-by-step through the process! Download it here.

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