The One-Word Question that Will Revolutionize Your Business and Life

As an entrepreneur, you know that success takes work.  It takes precision.  It takes focus.

But, did you know that before all of that, it takes something else…something critical?

You’ll never hear me say that three simple steps or one hidden secret will solve all your problems instantly.  But, what you will hear me say is that it all starts in one place. In one word, actually.

That word is…


Simon Sinek, author of the powerful business book Start with Why (HIGHLY recommended!) says that all of the great leaders of the world think and act the same way. They lead with their WHY and follow with their HOW and WHAT.

Mediocre leaders and organizations dive right into HOW and WHAT but neglect the first. And, they’ll remain mediocre until they answer this most important question.

That’s because your Why makes all the difference.

When you know your Why, especially when it’s aligned with something deep inside of you, something you really care about, it becomes a fountain of passion, focus, and inspiration. Suddenly your business isn’t about numbers on a spreadsheet. It’s about a mission, a cause, and a purpose that gets you up in the morning and keeps you going when adversity strikes.

Best of all, people rally around Why. You’ll attract the right kinds of employees, the right kinds of partners, and, better yet, the right kinds of customers when you know your Why and you live it out in your business and life. They’ll see what you want, and, if they want it, too, they’ll come. And, you’ll build a culture and a brand around this purpose that fuels everything.

Here’s an example. There are dozens of technology manufacturers around the world, but none have captured the imagination and market share of mainstream consumers like Apple.
Before the iPod, lots of manufacturers created lots of different music devices. You had portable CD players, boom boxes, stereo systems, walkmans, and tape decks. There were even several MP3 players that made it to market years before Apple joined the space.

But, Apple did something that none of the rest did.

While the MobilePlayer and the HanGo Personal Jukebox (What? You mean you’ve never heard of those? Oh right, that’s kind of the point.) sold the WHAT and the HOW, Apple sold the WHY.

The other manufacturers talked features. Small device!  MP3 files!

But, Apple said, “Put 40,000 songs in your pocket.”

And, the world changed.

In my next post, I’ll teach you how to figure out just what your WHY is, but for today, remember that the difference between mediocre and revolutionary isn’t a magic pill. It’s not a secret formula. It’s not even business systems and sophisticated strategies, as important as those things are.

No, the difference between mediocre and revolutionary is the answer to a question. It’s just a simple, one-word question.


Answer it right, and your life and business will never be the same.

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