Managing Day to Day Details

Are you having trouble managing the day to day details?

  • Did the start of 2022 bring you a whole new set of problems?
  • Because of short staffing, have you absorbed the work of you open positions?


Disorganized systems are the #1 reason that businesses fail to thrive or worse–shut down.

Yet 80% or more of what’s done in your business can be systemized, made into routines.

Indy pit car teams routinely change 4 tires, refuel, and check the front wing in 12 seconds flat!  How do they get a car out of the pit error-free and at the speed of light every time?

They have systems. They have easily repeatable processes for managing day to day details.

You can improve your processes and make them replicable so that anyone at anytime can do them flawlessly—and you’ll stop wasting time and money. Your team’s performance will be so high that everything gets done the way you want—even when you aren’t there.

Anyone who follows the Indy500 knows that a driver is only as good as his team. You may be the person behind the wheel of your company, but you rely, or at least you should, on a network of individuals for managing day to day details.

However, it’s not enough to simply throw a group of people together, tell them what you need from them and hope it all works out. As the driver of your business, it’s up to you to make sure the repeatable processes and a refined routine are documented and communicated. (And you can delegate this to the employee who’s actually doing the job).

Try this exercise. Time yourself and work as quickly as possible to find the numbers 1-26 in sequence within the following block of numbers.

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Now, time yourself again, identifying the letters A-Z in alphabetical order with the picture below.

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Which one did you finish faster? The numbers or the letters? In which exercise did you feel like it was easier to complete the task?

Most people say that they find the letters easier and quicker to find than the numbers. Why? There was a pattern to the four quadrants of letters—they were organized in a clockwise flow. This pattern led to a repeatable process that helped you speed up your work, ultimately systemizing your process of managing day to day details.

In contrast, there was no rhyme or reason, no repeatable process in the numbers quadrants. Your eyes were forced to jump from spot to spot. Without a system to help you with the task, your efficiency deteriorated.

Here’s a list of some examples of processes that can be made into routines to help you in managing day to day details.

  1. Establishing and managing daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports such as the monthly balance sheet.
  2. Creating phone and in person service scripts.
  3. Purchasing and maintaining office supplies and equipment.
  4. Invoicing, receiving payments, and crediting customers for payment.
  5. Collections process
  6. Maintaining paper and online files and archives.
  7. Receiving and storing product inventory.
  8. Estimate and bidding processes.
  9. Management systems for freight, couriers, and vehicles.
  10. Order tracking systems.
  11. Managing order and return procedures.
  12. Employee orientation and training
  13. Ensure efficient, economical operation of computer systems.
  14. Quality improvement, process documentation, and work flow charts.
  15. Securing planning permits, paying fees, managing licensing.
  16. Petty cash


Like the Indy500 pit crews, routine and repeatable processes are the only way to operational success in your business.

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