Is a Business Coach Right for You

Bill Gates said, “Everybody needs a coach.” Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO hired a business coach and said it too, and so did Anthony Robbins.

The BBB confirmed that “Inspire Results’ clients get 300-700% ROI on their coaching fees in the first year, often in the first months.”

So if world-renowned leaders need a business coach, why doesn’t Inspire Results Business Coachingevery business owner hire a business coach?  Here are the answers to your questions about business coaching:

  • Is my company the right type of business? There is no wrong type of business. If you own a business, our track record proves we can help make it better. We partner with business owners in any type of industry.
  • Is my company big enough? Whether your company makes $100K or $100M, we have a pricing plan for you.
  • I probably can’t afford a business coach. Hiring a business coach typically costs no more than 5% of your annual revenue of even the smallest business. Besides, “if we can’t increase your revenue, we’ll decrease your coaching cost.” So there’s really nothing to lose. Plus, there are no contracts. You can cancel at a month’s notice.
  • I’m embarrassed to ask for help. Your problems aren’t because you’re failing but because you’re successful! That’s because when your business grows, complexity grows by more than 10-fold! We can help you put processes in place to manage all the complexity before it overwhelms you, your team, and your business.

“Business coaching is attracting America’s top CEOs because, put simply, business coaching works. In fact, when asked for a conservative estimate of monetary payoff from the coaching… managers described an average return of… about 6 times what the coaching had cost their companies.” FORTUNE Magazine

Inspire Results client, Jay, is proof of that. He’d grown his computer consulting business from 3 people to 18 but everyday someone was upset, a deadline was missed, equipment broke down, or a myriad of other problems occurred. He was ready to walk away from it. He was arguing with his brother who worked in the business, working 60 hours, and hadn’t taken a vacation in 5 years. Jay had read a few of our blogposts and liked the practical content so, as a last-ditch effort, he hired a business coach.

Within 2 weeks, he had a way forward. He’d solved his immediate cash flow problem and had identified 3 big tasks he could delegate, freeing up 5 hours a week. He and his coach used those first 5 hours to create a future-focused organization chart and a 90-day action plan. He began to feel confident, even inspired. By the end of the 1st month Jay was going home for dinner with his family every night by 6pm. He’d created a small leadership team and they adopted a meeting rhythm and shifted their focus from fire-fighting to building profitability. He had heart-to-hearts with two key team members who hadn’t been carrying their weight. They became accountable and engaged.

Three years later, the company’s doubled in size and almost tripled in profit. Jay’s load is reduced, his family life is better, and he has a strong leadership team largely operating his 35-person business. While he takes a lot of the credit deservedly so, he reminds his business coach regularly that he wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for him.

We sincerely hope you’ll give us a call. We’d love the chance to help you take control of your business, improve your operations, and unlock your team and your business’s potential.

Inspire Results Business Coaching

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