Identify Your Core Values in 30 Minutes or Less

In my last post Know Your Values: They Really Are Key to Your Biz’s Long-Term Success, I shared with you the importance of living in alignment with your core values.

Since then, I’ve received feedback with this question: “Okay, great—I know I need to live in alignment with my core values in order to be optimally successful.  “But how do I narrow down what my core values ARE?

Here’s an effective exercise you can do in 30 minutes or less to identify your 5 core values.  Besides being an eye-opening way to get in touch with what’s really important to you, this is a GREAT exercise to do at leadership retreats with the key players on your team, and even at home with your spouse and kids!

Step 1. Download this list of values.

Step 2. Go through the list and write down all the ones that resonate with you.  Don’t think about it too hard at this stage.  You can write down as many values as you want.

Step 3. Group together those that are interrelated.  For example, you may find that you have sacrifice, duty, heroism, and honor.  Of the interrelated values, choose the one that seems to most strongly express the concept that is resonating with you.  Understand that the others will be incorporated into this more dominant value.

Step 4. Narrow the list down to 10.

Step 5. Rank your top 10 values in order. If you’re having a difficult time deciding how to rank them, compare them to each other two at a time and ask yourself, “If I absolutely had to choose one over the other, which would I choose?” Think of situations where the values might come into conflict—for example, if you’ve listed education and frugality, imagine a scenario where you or someone you care about (say a son or daughter) could either attend a very expensive university or not receive an education, period.

Step 6. Review your top 5 to make sure you’ve got them right.  Look over your list of top 5 values.  Do a gut-check.  Is it right?  Does it ring true?  Does it express something important about who you are on your most fundamental level?  If not, go back a step or two and revise until you’ve got it right.

When you’re done, congratulations!  You’ve just identified your core values, and now you have extremely “valuable” (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist!) 😉 information you can use to make decisions that’ll move your business and life in the direction you want to go.

Now that you know your values, you’ve got the beginning of your vision and strategic plan. Take it to the next step—attend our Growth Plan Workshop and walk away with a detailed plan to build a business that will act as a vehicle for what’s most important to you!

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