Create an operating plan for your small business

03/09/2017 | Roger and Susie Engelau

We know that running a business isn’t easy. We’ve been there.

One of the best things we ever did was to create an operating plan… one that insures that your daily and weekly decisions are on track with your long term goals.

An operating plan for your small business doesn’t have to be a long drawn-out document that requires a long drawn-out process.

Creating an operating plan for your small business doesn’t have to take long

We don’t believe in long, drawn-out business plans that could fill a binder. We use Verne Harnish’s “1-Page Strategic Plan” tool – a framework that lets you see all the components of your business plan at once while making sure you have all the short-term pieces to accomplish your long-term goals.

It’s so important for every business owner to have an operating plan for your small business that every quarter we run a workshop in central Indiana. Business owners come together and create (or update) their 1-Page Strategic Plans.

We thought you’d like to see what the Growth Plan Workshop has meant to the business owners who attend.  Here are a few of the hundreds of comments directly from the business owners:

“We’re on target to exceed our planned growth due to a simplified strategic business plan combined with quarterly action plans.” Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling company Owner

“I have not ceased moving the ball forward. I was stuck previously. Forward momentum requires regular monitoring and advancing expected actions.”  Lawyer, Law Firm Owner

“The program was eye-opening. I enjoyed it so much. I need it to keep me focused on what’s important in terms of driving profitability.”  Iron Manufacturer Owner

“The value I get is everything!  1 million details transformed into clear and focused priorities.”  Publishing Company Owner

“The opportunity to step away and put together the business plan for next steps is so valuable—it’s what keeps us on target with our plan.”  Construction Company Owner

“Business is much improved – from no plan to an actual business plan.”  Veterinarian

“I’m so thankful for Roger and all he has done for my business.”  Heating & Cooling Owner

We invite you to join us and walk away with an operating plan for your small business.  Register for the 2018 Growth Plan Workshop today.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A clear picture of where you want your business to be in 10-30 years, a 3-5 year plan, a 90-day plan, & a ready-to-implement action plan to get you there
  • Your 12-month goals broken into bite-size quarterly goals, monthly milestones, & weekly actions
  • Strategies to build your profits right away
  • A network of like-minded business owners

If you want, start to work on an operating plan for your small business now and we’ll help you complete it at the session. Click here to download the 1-Page Strategic Plan form and instructions.