Create a Sure-Fire Guarantee

11/10/2012 | Roger and Susie Engelau

This month I’m helping you get a big return on every marketing dollar you spend by creating an overall marketing strategy. In the 4 blogs preceding this one, you’ve determined your USP, identified your ideal customer and your target market.

The final step in your marketing strategy is your guarantee. Whether you’re a manufacturer, a plumber, a doctor or lawyer, or a retail owner, offering a guarantee increases your customers’ confidence in your product. It lessens any risk they perceive. It builds trust. It also focuses every member of your team on delivering that compelling value that you promise.

Most importantly, it increases your sales and profitability.

Let’s say you’re looking for a moving company. You look in the Yellow Pages and there are many to choose from, some with prices as low as $48/hr. You’re pretty sure the cheap ones will break something and they’ll probably swear in front of your kids and smell bad. Then you see an ad that says “We promise to be gentle with your things. We’ll quote up front and stick to it and we’ll be polite and presentable. If you’re not satisfied we’ve done all we promise, we won’t charge you.” That ad really catches you and even when you find out they charge more, you go with them because they have the courage to answer all your fears.

The right wording is key and I’ll walk you through how to do it. You can also download my “USP and Guarantee Creation Tool.” It’ll guide your thought process.

By the way, it’s a myth that customers will rip you off by taking advantage of your guarantee. It rarely happens.

To get started, list your customers’ biggest frustrations and fears. Then ask yourself what you can do that will relieve them and that you can deliver 100% of the time. What can you offer that your competitors can’t or don’t?

Good guarantees are usually gutsy – “We promise to deliver anywhere in the US by 9am.”

Resist the temptation to simply say “Results Guaranteed” or “100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back.” These aren’t specific and customers have heard them hundreds of times; they’re meaningless and ineffective.

One of my heating and cooling owners settled on a “no drama or scare tactics guarantee—“ ”We diagnose your problem and communicate it to you in clear, simple language. We won’t force the most expensive fix when It’s not necessary. Otherwise, your service is free.”

Here’s a good one from a manufacturer, “We test your new machinery with your drills, rotors, compressors, and hydraulic parts. Your new equipment will perform in your facility, to the performance specifications we quote and test. If it doesn’t and we’re not able to fix it, you can return it for a full refund…and we’ll uninstall it at our cost.”

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