Thankfulness Culture: A Pathway to Profit for Your Business

We business owners are human and we humans tend to look for things that are going wrong instead of looking for things that are going right.

74% of people say they would consider finding a new job because of lack of recognition! That’s 3 out of 4 people. Put differently, a majority of the team members who help your business function day after day would like to hear more compliments from you!

Would any of your employees fall into that majority?  Which of your key players are feeling unappreciated or frustrated?

Practicing the positive can provide a Image of a small business owner making a successful sales call.pathway to increased profit. Think what could happen in your company’s culture if everyone went around looking for things going right and then saying “thanks.”  You’d have a thankfulness culture.

There’s a simple way to keep your team members engaged and happy and it boils down to a single, unbelievably powerful word. Thanks.

By saying ‘thanks’ regularly, you can transform your company’s culture into a place where people love to come to work and work harder while they’re there—improving productivity, turnover, and profit.

A thankfulness culture starts with the business owner

Believe it or not, there are right ways and wrong ways to say thank you. I once had a boss thank me publicly but called me Sally instead of Susie. Another time, a boss thanked me as part of a project team that I wasn’t even on. You can imagine it didn’t do much to make me feel recognized.

Here are 4 tips for saying thank you effectively, and ingraining gratitude as part of your company’s culture:

  • Make saying ‘thanks’ a daily habit. Lead by example and set a precedent for the rest of your team to follow. The positivity multiplies quickly!
  • Use people’s names (but use their right names!)
  • Be specific with your praise. For example, “That report was really thorough. Thank you for a job well done!” This has the double bonus of being extremely impactful AND reinforcing the positive behavior so that they repeat it in the future.
  • Praise publicly. Say thanks in front of others. Take a minute or two at the beginning of meetings to acknowledge the good work of team members. They’ll feel great and it’ll give the rest of the team something to aspire to.

Here are some gift ideas if you want to express your thankfulness with something tangible:

Profit in your business

Gratitude isn’t just for the holidays. Lead by example and kick off your company’s thankfulness culture every day of the year. Positivity and thanks—a cost-free pathway to profit.


Brian Kemple, Inspire Results Business CoachBrian Kemple, Business Coach

With 30 years of experience across all areas of business in the Automotive, Industrial, and Life Sciences, Brian has led his clients through a multitude of challenges and opportunities in organizational turnarounds, downsizing and combining organizations, as well as the construction of new facilities. To book a complimentary business analysis, go here , or email

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