The 7 things a business coach knows that can help your business

05/30/2014 | Roger and Susie Engelau

Last week I discussed 8 of the top 9 FAQ’s about business coaching and 8 of the top 9 reasons to improve your business, your profit, and your lifestyle immediately.

Here’s the 9th frequently asked question about getting a business coach that’s right for you and your style and getting a plan for a way forward to having the business you always dreamed you’d have. Here’s question #9:

What if your prescribed processes don’t work for me?  I don’t have prescribed processes. I work across all industries because business owners need a business “generalist.”  Companies are like cars. All cars have the same frame, a fuel system, gears, and 4 tires, whether it’s Aunt Bertha’s sedan or an Indy racecar. Businesses are the same. Every company needs the same components to be successful:  delivery, marketing, sales, operational processes, financial and HR systems and so on.

You’re good at the business of your company, whether that’s manufacturing vibratory feeder systems and doctoring exotic birds and mammals, constructing homes or giving legal advice. What you need is someone who specializes in how business is run—in what makes companies great.

I developed a model that applies to every business, no matter the industry, a model that’s made to be customizable to any business. To your business and your needs. My SERVANT model contains the 7 elements common to any business. Within each element, 7 sub-elements escalate from basic to optimal. For instance, to have optimal sales numbers, you first need to put basic components in place, like a clearly-defined target market or a good Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Then you need a database of prospects, then good selling techniques and so on. Each component builds on the ones before it.

Some of the aspects of my model you’ll never use because you already do them well. Some you’ll spend extra time in because that’s where your trouble spots are. You may have great sales techniques but you don’t have good marketing activities so you’re not getting good leads to sell to. We don’t work on the areas we don’t need to. We can assess your business against each component, identify your strengths, and focus on getting both quick wins and long term strategies in place:

Sales – Target market, USP, database, sales management practices, and more

Executive Leadership – Time mgmt., meetings, change, the senior team, Servant Leadership

Relationships – Customer delivery systems, customer service, creating Raving Fans

Vision & Planning – Your WHY, strategic planning, scoreboard and KPI’s

Accounting & Financials – high-profit products, taxes, debt, cash flow, wealth-building

iNternal Processes – Operations, HR, safety, quality/TQM, technology, etc.

Team – Organization chart, roles, job descriptions, creating accountability, and more

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