Meet Micky Reese

Micky Reese

Business Coach

With nearly 3 decades of business ownership, Micky has a long list of impressive achievements. He’s an award-winning leader and business owner with experience in a wide variety of industries and expertise in all facets of business, including business development, sales, strategic planning, human resources, and restaurant operations.

As Owner and President of a restaurant group, he grew a $2.6 million business into a $9 million business within the first 4 years. Micky’s high energy level and take-action orientation delivers dramatic transformation to business owners. He develops processes and systems that establish consistency, accountability, and cost savings resulting in sustained, often record-breaking sales and revenue.

Since the time he got his business degree at Penn State (a “few” years  ago) through multiple business ownerships, to his career as a business coach, he’s helped hundreds of business leaders achieve their dreams.

Micky is married to MaryAnn and has 2 grown daughters, a granddaughter, and Bear the dog (though it’s not clear if he has Bear or Bear has Micky). In addition to multiple board memberships and charities, and when he’s not coaching business owners, he enjoys football, US war history, and movies.

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