How could you benefit from a prescribed operating plan?

Are you struggling with running your company successfully?

Are you spending the majority of your time putting out fires, picking up slack and stuck juggling your business’ day-to-day tasks?

At Inspire Results Business Coaching, we believe thriving and successful business owners are the building blocks of strong communities. Most owners start companies because they’re incredibly skilled in one area — if they aren’t experts in every aspect of running a business, that’s where we come in.

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If you’re envious of business owners who are calm, cool and confident as their companies run smoothly and they have plenty of free time, let us fill you in on their secret:

These successful business owners are employing a prescribed operating plan. At our Growth Plan Workshop, Inspire Results CEO and business coach Roger Engelau helps owners uncover their business’ true potential with the help of a one-page strategic plan. Broken down into daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals, this plan and process helps owners formulate a line of sight from daily tasks into a long-term vision and purpose.

Inspire Results Business Coaching Growth Plan Workshop
Thursday, September 26, 2019
9 am to 3 pm
Holiday Inn Indianapolis Airport
8555 Stansted Road

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Enjoy a special gift from Inspire Results!

Download your free copy of our 1-page strategic plan for small businesses — complete with instructions on how to use the powerful tool to help you and your management team get aligned, focused and accountable.

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