Sales Growth Plan Workshop

Sales Growth Plan Workshop

Test out your unique strategies, discuss your toughest sales problems, & ask real-world questions.

Set realistic sales goals, identify how much new business you need to accomplish them, & insure that they support:

   —  Last year’s goals

   —  What your salespeople are capable of

   —  How much profit you want

   —  How much overhead you need to cover

   —  What the market is doing

Make simple changes to your sales coaching to improve their prospecting, sales, & growth & exponentially improve your bottom line.

Balance results goals with activities goals.

Create accountability & insure that your salespeople are engaged & organized.

Identify your sales team’s development needs.

Set up a tracking methodology that makes monitoring & adjusting to reach your sales plan quick & easy.

Walk away with a complete & detailed sales growth plan…

Inspire Results Business Coach Natalie Menke

Led by local Business Coach

& Sales Expert, Natalie Menke,

Inspire Results Business Coaching

Sales Growth Plan Workshop

WHEN: TBD (email Natalie for more info)

TIME: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM


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