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Our Coaching Model for Business Success

Inspire Results Business Coaching’s model gives you a complete view of your business, helping you understand what’s holding you back and how to reach your goals.

A Proven Coaching Model

From the values it was built upon to the people it employs, every organization has many aspects that are entirely unique to it. That’s why at Inspire Results Business Coaching, we use our SERVANT model to get to know every part of your business, then capture and categorize these unique details in a way that helps you achieve your fullest potential.

Our SERVANT Whole-Business Coaching Model

The SERVANT whole-business coaching model provides an overall snapshot for you to assess where you’re at and determine how to get your business where it needs to be.

The Sales and Marketing Stage

During the sales and marketing stage, we find ways to increase your business’s visibility by helping you:

  1. Identify your target markets and create a unique selling proposition (USP) and guarantee for each
  2. Create and execute a simple marketing plan for each target market each quarter
  3. Generate quality leads, track source, conversion rate, and ROI
  4. Train customer-facing employees in lead conversion; set goals and monitor progress
  5. Build sales activity accountability plan for each employee group
  6. Assess and develop new products, services, and markets
  7. Achieve a synergy between sales and marketing to drive organic growth

The Executive Leadership Stage

This stage of our coaching model is all about helping you develop your leadership skills, giving you the power to make strategic decisions that will shape the future of your business. Our coaches will work with you to help you:

  1. Increase owner capacity to have time to lead via effective delegation and use of default calendar
  2. Identify opportunities for owner leadership development; being coaching and training
  3. Act accountable for everything that happens or fails to happen
  4. Establish frequent, effective, high impact communication practices; implement meeting rhythms
  5. Develop a strong senior leadership team
  6. All leaders learn, develop, and implement Servant Leadership competencies
  7. Prepare the business for five to 10 years in the future so your leadership team can run the company

The Relationship Stage

By evaluating your relationship with your business, Inspire Results Business Coaching uses the following elements to help you identify areas that need improvement.

  1. Revise customer-facing processes to make it easy to buy products and services
  2. Identify ideal customers and suppliers; rank all customers A – D
  3. Revise every process that engages with “A” customers and suppliers
  4. Survey customers and suppliers, track satisfaction levels, and make continuous improvements
  5. Create raving fans of products, services, and company
  6. Deliberately engage with community to support A customers and partners
  7. Deepen and broaden customer, supplier, and partner relationships

The Vision and Planning Stage

During this stage of the SERVANT coaching method, we’ll help you gain clarity on your long-term vision and create a strategic plan to make it a reality by:

  1. Establish owner’s personal and business visions
  2. Develop company culture and complete a formal culture statement
  3. Complete SSBP and QAP; implement a quarterly planning rhythm
  4. Create department QAPs to drive clarity, alignment, and accountability throughout company
  5. Create scoreboard to track key metrics, drive success, and celebrate
  6. Explore & pursue expansion and acquisition strategies
  7. Fully live into the personal vision; ensure succession plan is in place

The Accounting and Finance Stage

This stage provides a comprehensive overview of your business’s financial health, giving you a clear understanding of where you are and where you want to be. Our experienced coaches will help you evaluate your financial situation, then create a personalized plan to optimize your accounting and finance processes by:

  1. Create effective financial reporting and rhythm to review monthly
  2. Build annual operating and cash flow budgets; optimize cash flow
  3. Clarify cost of goods sold and maximize gross profit
  4. Implement tax strategies and identify financial KPI’s
  5. Maintain pre-tax profit in the top 20% in your industry
  6. Pay off business debt and create a capital safety net
  7. Leverage financial resources to maximize business value and build wealth

The INternal Processes Stage

From refining your workflows to streamlining communication channels, this stage of our coaching model optimizes your processes for maximum efficiency by allowing you to create and improve:

  1. Define processes and continuously improve operational systems
  2. Create and continuously improve innovation and technology processes
  3. Create and continuously improve administrative systems
  4. Create HR, performance management, and development processes
  5. Create and continuously improve safety and security systems
  6. Create and continuously improve quality systems
  7. Create synergy between every department to operate like a well-oiled machine

The Team Stage

Your business is only as strong as its people. During this stage, we help you evaluate and improve your team’s skills, dynamics, and overall effectiveness by:

  1. Document current org chart; Create job descriptions, identify & align employees strengths, interests and talents
  2. Develop, plan, and implement regular team/trust-building activities
  3. Leverage 5 year SSBP to create a future-focused org chart; communicate opportunities
  4. Optimize training and development; ensure benefits and market-based pay plans are in place
  5. Mine for conflict between individuals and departments; address and resolve
  6. Create a company-wide culture of accountability and collaboration
  7. Leverage employees’ full commitment to business success to deliver top industry outcomes

Unlock Your Business’s Potential With Our Coaching Model

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Get Inspired With Our Business Coaching Methodology

Our SERVANT whole-business coaching method offers a comprehensive snapshot of your company. It’s like a roadmap that allows you to clearly see where you stand and identify areas of improvement.

Through our coaching sessions, we’ll work together to uncover your true potential and set clear objectives for your business. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand, our coaching methodology will guide you to where you want, need, and deserve to be.