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Learn how to embed servant leadership into your organization to improve morale, collaboration, productivity, work quality and much more, ultimately allowing you to achieve greater results.



Implementing Servant Leadership In Your Business

At Inspire Results Business Coaching, we firmly believe servant leadership is the best leadership and incorporate its own teachings and actions into our business and work. Servant leadership inspires others, creates accountability, increases energy and builds trust. And it builds profits!

Servant leadership is the right thing to do. Especially when it comes to serving other local businesses.

We believe business owners are the building blocks of strong, thriving communities, and we know what it’s like to struggle and face frustration, stress and challenges when managing them. We work alongside hardworking business leaders like you, helping implement strategic processes and tactics to create a stronger, happier and healthier business and life.

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Roger Engelau

As a cadet at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Roger experienced many leadership styles. Thirty years later, he’s taken what he’s learned and created his own leadership beliefs – coupled with outstanding business expertise – to walk alongside business owners as a trusted advisor, guiding them to achieve breakthrough success.

Roger believes in and sees the greatness in every individual. His unique ability to increase business revenue, wealth and success by uncovering hidden assets, missed opportunities and unexplored possibilities has captured the attention and respect of CEOs across the country

Natalie Menke Coach | Inspire Results Business Coaching

Natalie Menke

Through 20 years of leadership, sales, engineering, and manufacturing, Natalie learned the many painful issues businesses endure. From lack of cash flow and sales to lack of the right talent and direction, she’s enabled success by helping business leaders clearly communicate their vision and goals so that the entire company works together to achieve them.


Brad Justus

Working for companies ranging from $6 million to $50 Million in revenue, with employee levels from 30 to 250, Brad has demonstrated ability to assist business owners in growing revenue, reducing costs, hiring the right employees for the right positions, and driving collaboration across the organization.


Chad Blacklock

After roles from COO and CFO to leadership roles in marketing, the customer experience, project management, and succession planning, Chad chose his dream career—business coaching. Today he pairs his significant business insight with his personal “why” of helping small business leaders maximize their potential.

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A note about why we wholeheartedly believe servant leadership is the best leadership.

It’s the right thing to do. People are inspired by it. It creates accountability, energy, and trust. And your company profits.

Since the time the father of servant leadership, Robert Greenleaf, founded it in 1970, the proof abounds that servant leadership produces superior financial results! In their book Seven Pillars of Servant Leadership, James W. Sipe and Don M. Frick took Greenleaf’s abundant works and formulated 21 concrete, observable competencies. We think these competencies really get at the heart of servant leadership in your small business, which is why they are the inspiration for our Servant Leader Competency Assessment.

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