Test out your prospecting strategies, discuss your toughest cold calls, & ask real-world questions.

Discussions customized to your issues at our Sales Prospecting Workshop.

  • Walk away with a detailed prospecting plan including…
    • How to find the warmest leads
    • # calls required p/day to meet sales goals
    • How much time to wait between calls
    • Where to focus your time for easier sales
    • The right mix of customers to focus
  • Determine how to rank customers A-B-C to prioritize calls.
  • Discover how to manage less interested leads to minimize unproductive prospecting activities, build interest over time, and be there when they’re ready.
  • Identify the right level of marketing, SEO, and email campaigns to drive leads to your sales team.
  • Design a 3-year cycle for prospecting in order to build on your work year after year vs starting fresh each year.
  • Set up a tracking program to aid your sales staff in the most efficient prospecting and make monitoring & adjusting easy for you to manage.
  • Engage your salesperson or team to identify, qualify, develop & close more sales.
  • Enable salespeople to engage prospects & interact in an honest, organized, & non-manipulative manner.
  • Close more sales, more quickly, profitably, & consistently

Led by local Senior Business Coach
& Sales Expert, Natalie Menke,
Inspire Results Business Coaching

Sales Prospecting Workshop

Get your business on the right track.

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