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 In 2018, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) challenged us to “provide substantiation” for the advertising claim that “Inspire Results Business Coaching clients get a 300-700% return on investment within the first year.” After reviewing the client performance data we sent to them, we’re proud to say that the BBB “closed the ad-review case as substantiated.”BBB A+

Susie Engelau

Co-Owner, Inspire Results Business Coaching

“Coaching has caused me to Jessica Hartman President of Align Civil Engineering Consultantsfeel more ‘stable’ with solid foundations and not just reacting or going on ‘gut.’ Natalie has been a great resource and has guided us through continued growth.”

Jessica Hartman President, Align Civil Engineering Consultants

“Coaching helpedCaleb Blackerby 1st Class Catering transition the business from working with my father to being sole owner and has allowed me to hit the ground running.”

Caleb Blackerby Owner, First Class Catering

“To try to quantify how Roger and the entire Inspire Results Business Coaching Team has positively affected my business operations is simply impossible. The positive impact is immeasurable. What I can say is that the quality of his experience and laser focused KeithHardingAllOne4refpageWhite | Inspire Results Business Coachingadvice has taken my thought processes and business processes to a different level. As a business owner the last thing I want is another meeting. However, when Roger shows up, it’s always a pleasure, because I know positive change is just around the corner.”Keith HardingCEO/President, RYAN Consulting Group, Inc., Indianapolis

“There are multiple plans that Roger focuses on that I find beneficial. I like the 1-page business plan, the 90-day business plan and the focus sheets. For me, over time, the 90-day action plan has been the most rewarding. When I pick it up and start cheJulieBerryWithLogo4RefPage.jpg | Inspire Results Business Coachingcking off items, it helps me see what I accomplished.”

Julie BerryOwner, Carson Design Architecture and Interior Design


“I contracted with Inspire Results Business Coaching in June of 2012 in effort to develop my “Why”,  a strategic sustainable business plan, refine my management skills, and cultivate new ideas for continued growth of my company.  Mission accomplished!  During this effort I found that Roger and Susie go beDavidStillingerWithLogoFacingLeft | Inspire Results Business Coachingyond all my  expectations and they truly partnered with me and my business. Their Christian values and character have richly blessed and influenced me. Thank you, Roger and Susie Engelau.”

David K. Stillinger
Hancock County Coroner
President/Owner, Stillinger Family Funeral Home

“It’s hard to describe just how much Roger and his coaching/consulting has helped our businesses thrive. The one on one sessions are a phenomenal resource. It’s coJimSorgiWithLogo | Inspire Results Business Coachingmforting having an experienced extra set of ears to talk through ideas and at times sticking points. Having him has definitely helped us grow and achieve more sooner than we could have imagined.”

Jim SorgiOwner/CEO, Sorgi Sports

“In business and in life, we often don’t know what we don’t know.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Inspire for several years.  They have given me a fresh prospective of my business and what’s important to me, my family and my team.  They have helped our business grow and also helped us adapt during the periods when business has declined.  They have provided direction in consolidating companies, addressing and establishing a new culture, identifying new talent and leading and developing the management team.  I’ve also received advice on growing my business by pursuing new markets and better sales techniques.

Thanks to Inspire, my companies are more profitable, leaders are motivated and the future is brighter.  I also have a clearer direction of my future and received the guidance provided by a board of directors for larger companies at a fraction of the cost.  They have also introduced me to other business owners for advice and council.JohnGoodeWithLogo | Inspire Results Business Coaching

I strongly recommend Inspire to small businesses dealing with the many challenges of running a business with limited resources.”

John Goode, JrPresident, MSP Aviation, Inc.

“I recently analyzed the impact of business coaching on my financial results. I knew things were better but was amazed at how much. Over the 6 months prior to working with Roger, our net income before taxes was —$23,000. After 6 months of working with Roger, our 6-month profit was $159,148, even after paying a bonus to our employees. Some of that was from new business but over $125,000 was directly attributable to Roger’s work with me–a nearly 400% return on my annual investment in coaching.

Key changes were that Roger helped me focus like a laser beam on profitability and then helped me focus my key employees in the same way. He helped me change what I believed was possible in terms of the level of success I deserve. It may sound strange but I was sabotaging myself to stay in myDave Cox & Roger Engelau Inspire Results Business Coaching comfort zone. With these kinds of profits and a renewed vision for myself and my business, I can change my life and the lives of my employees forever–both exhilarating and scary!”

Dave CoxPresident, Indiana Precision Grinding, Indianapolis

I have worked with Natalie for 8 months and she has become an important part of my team. My goal is to grow Hipp Inspired Experiences. While I originally thought that meant I needed to focus on sales, I really needed to do a few important things to make our foundation strong. A new building, new logo/enhanced name, a website to much better tell our story, a new IT partner and security measures, and a new hire will allow us hit the road running in 2020.

Natalie didn’t dictate any of what we did, but was there to help me talk through it, figure out how to do it, and encourage me when it all seemed a little daunting. And at the same time, we’ve had an extremely busy year. She has coached me through negotiations and called me out on some “head trash” that was holding me back. I look forward to our continued relationship and I truly believe she can help me get to my end goal.”

Tara GuenthnerTara Headshot Black and White | Inspire Results Business Coaching

Owner, Hipp Inspired

Hipp Inspired






Chad Blacklock is my business coach, and I cannot say enough positive things about my experience so far. Honestly, I was unsure of what a business coach could offer my company. We had been in business for five years and experienced continuous growth in clients and revenue each year. We had just upgraded and moved into our new office, which would allow us to expand our team and the services we offered. Like many business owners, we all have our strengths and our weaknesses. Chad and I have worked diligently on identifying and utilizing my strengths to help me grow in areas where I lacked the experience that I needed for a successful expansion. Chad helped me utilize my strengths (leadership, team-oriented, strong work ethic, growth-oriented, super passionate, and driven) to improve on my biggest weakness (strategic planning). I understood that passion and drive without disciplined strategic planning could jeopardize the growth that our company had experienced thus far. Chad is excellent when it comes to planning for the future. His attention to detail is second to none, and I feel like I have grown so much in the short amount of time we have been working together. The success that we have experienced in such a short amount of time is a testament to how invaluable having a strategic partner, and business coach can be. Chad is very Lucas Solutions Groupaccessible and responsive, and he allows me to bounce ideas off of him whenever I need to. He sends me useful resources and potential opportunities regularly. Thank you for helping me maximize my company’s growth and potential.”Charles Lucas MSW, LCWS,  Owner & Therapist, Lucas Group Solutions

Profits and sales have increased. I have gotten to spend more time with my family since working with Roger.Josh SmallingOwner, Josh Smalling Roofing & Restoration Co., Mooresville

joshsmallingpicWlogo4refpage | Inspire Results Business Coaching

Alan Ausbrooks “Wow. I can’t imagine where we would be if we hadn’t met Roger. Direction exists and we’re
proactive instead of reactive.”


Alan Ausbrooks, President, Access Mobility, Inc.


“Roger has been a great help in coming along side me and coaching me in leading Ramco Supply. It’s not always been comfortable, however the results have been fantastic. Roger has the ability to listen and find tMarvinRwLogo4refPagePP | Inspire Results Business Coachinghe real issues and then provide solutions and ideas. Roger has helped me grow our company over 30% in the last 4 years and forever changed the way I tackle the challenges of business.”Marvin RamerOwner, Ramco Supply

“Roger was a solid rock in helping me navigate the transition from 2nd generation to 3rd generation (and successfully avoiding the problems of the 1 to 2 transition!) in our long opened family business.   The result since then has been the company growing well beyond where it was before the transition.   Roger is a key member of my leader team and provides that outside, non-bias look at the imporJoeLucasWithBreinerLogo | Inspire Results Business Coachingtant issues facing our small company.  He doesn’t hold back on pointing out the areas we need to work on to grow as a company, as a team and as individuals.”

Joe LucasPresident, Breiner Non-Metallics

Screenshot 220 | Inspire Results Business Coaching
“Working with Natalie has helped us
focus on the areas that we can truly
improve our business, areas that we often ignored or felt we didn’t have time
for in the past. I would recommend Natalie to any business feels stuck trying
to figure out how to take their business to the next level.”
Dave Patz

“Roger helped us develop a leadership team tChuck with Logo | Inspire Results Business Coachinghat’s aligned with my personal goals and my goals for the business. The coaching and the quarterly workshops continue to be a good value proposition.

Chuck FairchildPresident, Fairchild Communication Systems

“Inspire has been great in helping our growing business take shape and not only grow, but become more organized and profitable.

We had outgrown our old management model and I was struggling as a small business owner to adapt while juggling too many responsibilities. The demands of the business really became overwhelming even though we were profitable.

Honestly I’m not sure where we would be without tJCwLogoOnTopofPic | Inspire Results Business Coachinghe great help we received from Inspire over the last year and a half, but I KNOW it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable.

Thanks for the great help to Roger and the Inspire team.”

Josh AbdnourOwner, C&J Well Co, C&J Water

“A lot of things have changed over the last three years. When we first met with Inspire Results Business Coaching, I was doing a lot of tasks throughout the business. I was doing purchasing, I was doing accounting, I was doing the actual physical work—issuing our POs, closing our books, and things of that nature. And then Roger came. One of the first things he did was delegate all of my duties to other people. We hired a purchasing agent, and freed up a lot of my time where I could work on the business instead of in it. He’s taught me how to act like an owner, act like a president, delegate my duties downward, aFortvilleFeedersLogo e1535558426348 | Inspire Results Business Coachingnd look at things with a different perspective to look at things going forward five years, instead of what’s going on today.”Jason CrouseCOO, Fortville Feeders, Inc

“My first one, I didn’t know what to expect and at the end of the day walked out emotionally drained with a migraine. It did provide me with some clear direction, even just on what I needed to gain clarity and direction on. By the end of the year, sticking with my Growth Plan Workshop andAmandaCALogo4refpage | Inspire Results Business Coaching what I had committed to within each session I had attained my 3 year goals within year one! No other goal setting or strategic planning workshop I’ve ever been to has offered such grit and tactical attainability with such high ROI.”Amanda ParkerOwner, Collective Alternative Marketing

“I’m looking through financials preparing for 2015 budget. We have year-to-date seen 40% growth over last year, almost 20% over 2014 plan and shown an 11% net!!!!!! Thank you SO much!! This is because of you and your help!!! We mEconomy Heating & Airay meet our 2018 revenue goal this year!!”Jod WoodsOwner/Partner, Economy Heating and Air


Six Months After Attending Inspire Results Business Coaching Growth Plan Workshop an Indianapolis full-service marketing firm experienced remarkable results.

Take a look at the Case Study to see how Inspire Results Business Coaching Growth Plan Workshop can help you discover your growth potential.

Coach for a Cause

At Inspire Results Business Coaching, our deepest passion is to help business owners solve their challenges so they can create stronger businesses and, in turn, stronger communities.  PlayBall Indiana is a non-profit who serves inner-city youth through baseball. Inspire Results Business Coaching has been serving PlayBall Indiana through pro bono coaching since 2011.

“Roger’s quarterly planning meetings are outstanding. You sit down for the better part of a day, and go through all your goals and plans. Then, you condense those goals and plans into a 3-month work plan. It’s and excellent use of PBI Logotime, just extraordinary.”Mike LennoxExecutive Director, Play Ball Indiana, Indianapolis