Trouble Hiring Great People? Advice from 5 Business Coaches

If you’re having trouble hiring great people, here’s the advice of 5 different business coaches. At Inspire, our coaches regularly collaborate to come up with the solutions especially when the problem is a complex one. Here’s a case study from one recent situation... Read »

Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills

“Experience,” the top job requirement on nearly every job posting, isn’t always an absolute necessity. In fact, “Experience Required” could actually be a barrier to landing great employees. At Inspire Results, we coach clients to “hire for attitude, train for skills.”... Read »

Teambuilding: 11 Signs Your Business Needs It

Teambuilding used to be a fluffy, nice-to-do activity that only large companies could afford. Now it’s a competitive advantage, especially for small and mid-size companies. Business owners who pay attention to teambuilding get teams who are committed—and committed... Read »

How to Help Employees Adapt to Change

Change is inevitable, and in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, small businesses must learn to adapt quickly to stay competitive. But how can you help your employees be ready and willing to embrace the inevitable? Change management is the key. The Importance... Read »