2 Keys to Managing Your Company’s Sales Function

For many business leaders, managing sales can be time-consuming, challenging and stressful. From hiring a personable staff member to take over only to find out they’re not that good it, to hoping that your sales manager and salesperson can manage it themselves—the... Read »

SEO for Small Business

Is there affordable SEO for small business owners? If you’re a small business owner that needs to drive traffic to your website, how do you compete with large companies who have money to hire online marketers to drive their online presence and SEO? There are several... Read »

Online Marketing for Small Business – the Basics

How can small business owners stay on top of online marketing? After all, it takes a specialized knowledge and it’s constantly changing! And how do you make time for it? You’ve probably had some of these questions about online marketing for small business…. I wonder... Read »

Profitability and SEO–3 things you can do

I’m known for asking business owner clients, “Is that activity having a direct impact on profitability?”  SEO is one activity that has a direct and profound impact on your profitability. If you’ve been leaving SEO to the experts, or worse yet,... Read »

Three Characteristics of “Challenger” Salespeople

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bottle what the best sales reps do and feed it to your salesperson? I’ve seen more than a few changes in the sales world in 30 years of sales. But it’s tougher than ever now because the customers we’re seeing today are at once... Read »

4 Components of a Challenger Sale

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reviewing The Challenger Sale—an innovative, and I think, ground-breaking approach to selling where you “challenge” and “shake up” your customers and prospects as you educate them about not only your products and services but... Read »