Getting Consistent Positive Cash Flow

Have you had to postpone an important capital outlay? Need an equipment upgrade?  Not sure you’re going to make payroll? Cash flow problems cause bankruptcy. It’s the most troubling issue for business owners small and large.  When sales and revenue go down but... Read »

A Business Planning Fable: The Lumberjack Story

Why to take time out from the doing for business planning There was an old lumberjack known for his speed at cutting down trees. One day he was challenged by a younger, stronger lumberjack who knew he could beat the older guy in a head to head contest and earn glory... Read »

Your Business Plan–How to do a SWOT

My topic this month is about making a business plan for your business. Even if you don’t plan to attend my Growth Plan Workshop on Jan. 9, I’m sending weekly free content so you can do it on your own… because if you do SOME kind of business plan,... Read »

Make a Business Plan—Business coaching has taught me

Business coaching has taught me something… Successful people are rooted in a strong belief system – spiritual belief, belief in themselves, belief in the work they do, and belief in the people around them. 3-5% of business owners earn considerable wealth.  Their... Read »

How to Know When You’ve Hired the Wrong Person

Verne Harnish, a business growth expert, says that getting the right people in the right jobs is one of the four key components to a growing and thriving business. You funneled a lot of energy into hiring the right person but what if you’re getting a nagging thought... Read »