Making a Great Business Plan

Successful people are rooted in a strong belief system – spiritual belief, belief in themselves, belief in the work they do, and belief in the people around them.  3-5% of business owners earn considerable wealth.  Their so-called secret making a business plan and... Read »

Reinvent to Stay Relevant

What do Madonna and IBM have in common? They’ve both reinvented themselves significantly in order to stay relevant and successful in the marketplace. The original Material Girl now speaks in a British accent and espouses veganism and yoga.  And IBM, once the largest... Read »

The 3 Components of a Winning Growth Plan

Everyone knows that in order to do well in business, you have to have a plan.  And yet, many entrepreneurs never put one in place. Are you one of them? And even if you’re one of the proud few who has a plan, how’s it working for you?  Does it adequately reflect your... Read »

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Business strategist and best-selling author Marshall Goldsmith says something profound for all CEOs: “What got you here won’t get you there.”  It’s one of those insights that’s so simple it’s easy to overlook it.  But it can make a world of difference in terms of your... Read »

How to Make Your People Passionate About Results

It’s a fundamental fact of human nature that most people are looking out for number one. This is as true among the individuals within your organization as anywhere else: to a large extent, people are fueled by self-interest, the desire to advance their own objectives... Read »