Clean Up Your Thought-Life and Get More Profits

Do you have a problem with “trashy” thoughts? No, not those kinds of trashy thoughts!  😉  I’m talking about thoughts that form the way you think about life, business, success, and your place in the world.  Are they positive?  Harsh?  Optimistic?  Reasonable? ... Read »

What the Top 3% of Business Owners Do…that the Rest DON’T

Here’s a bone-chilling statistic for you: just 3-5% of business owners earn considerable wealth. That means that 95-97% don’t. 95-97% of business owners struggle year in and year out to keep things moving forward…to create opportunities and income…to bring their... Read »

Identify Your Core Values in 30 Minutes or Less

In my last post Know Your Values: They Really Are Key to Your Biz’s Long-Term Success, I shared with you the importance of living in alignment with your core values. Since then, I’ve received feedback with this question: “Okay, great—I know I need to live in alignment... Read »

Social Media Strategies So Simple Your Teenager Could Do Them

Okay, okay, I know.  The title of this blog post is “Social Media Strategies So Simple Your Teenager Could Do Them”—but with how tech savvy kids are these days, I probably should have called it “Social Media Strategies So Simple YOU Could Do Them.” But as connected as... Read »

Turning Over the Reins of the Family Business

Susie and I always say that it takes a commitment to healthy relationships, positive communication, and a common vision to run a family business effectively. The leader of a family business must be able to understand and foster RQ, Relationship Intelligence not only... Read »