Dealing with a problem employee takes courage AND heart

If you have a problem employee this article’s for you. If you’ve got even one person on your team who doesn’t pull his/er weight, complains a lot, doesn’t have the willingness or doesn’t have the ability to learn and do what they need to do, I hope you’ll take action... Read »

5 Ways Strategic Planning Profits Small Business

Big companies have big strategic planning processes and they need them because there are a lot of assets at stake. But the same is true for you as a small business owner… relative to your company’s size, you too have a lot of assets at stake. The trouble is, you... Read »

Strategic Planning for Small Business

Will your business be any better next month? Only, and if only, you put a plan in place to change it.  It’s the beginning of the 2nd quarter. Start it with a simple plan that’s all on 1 page… a plan that connects your long term goals for your business to the... Read »

A Business Plan All On One Page

The 2nd quarter of 2015 is coming up As the 2nd quarter begins, I’m talking about creating your long-term and quarterly short-term business plan. I don’t believe in long, drawn-out business plans that could fill a binder. As I described in last week’s post, I use... Read »

The 1-Page Strategic Plan–A simple business plan

Having a business plan is the single most important thing you can do as a business owner. The 1-page strategic plan — NOT a multi-page document that you pay a consultant thousands to help you create and put dozens of hours of your own time into creating. Every... Read »

Discounting’s Surprising Effect on Profitability

Improving Profitability —  1 Easy Way to Do It Quickly Afraid you’ll lose sales if you don’t discount? Is your top salesperson discounting too much? Discounting prices is a surprisingly common practice among our business coaching clients. Also surprising is the... Read »