3 Step Process to Practice Candor

Last week I wrote that you aren’t being nice when you lack candor in your conversations—it isn’t caring to string your employees along with indirect words containing mixed messages that leave them guessing at what you really meant. It isn’t good for your family... Read »

Candor Makes Business Work Better

Candor:  Dispensing with phoniness The lack of candor is “one of the most common and destructive problems in business, and in society, for that matter—“  That’s what Jack Welch said in Winning: The Answers.  I often see a lack of candor as a business coach we well as... Read »

Dealing with a problem employee takes courage AND heart

If you have a problem employee this article’s for you. If you’ve got even one person on your team who doesn’t pull his/er weight, complains a lot, doesn’t have the willingness or doesn’t have the ability to learn and do what they need to do, I hope you’ll take action... Read »

5 Ways Strategic Planning Profits Small Business

Big companies have big strategic planning processes and they need them because there are a lot of assets at stake. But the same is true for you as a small business owner… relative to your company’s size, you too have a lot of assets at stake. The trouble is, you... Read »

Strategic Planning for Small Business

Will your business be any better next month? Only, and if only, you put a plan in place to change it.  It’s the beginning of the 2nd quarter. Start it with a simple plan that’s all on 1 page… a plan that connects your long term goals for your business to the... Read »

A Business Plan All On One Page

The 2nd quarter of 2015 is coming up As the 2nd quarter begins, I’m talking about creating your long-term and quarterly short-term business plan. I don’t believe in long, drawn-out business plans that could fill a binder. As I described in last week’s post, I use... Read »