Do You Need A Business Coach?

It’s estimated that 12% of business owners use a business coach—and they make up the top 90% in earnings. Could you use a business coach? There are 3 reasons business owners don’t use a business coach.     Ego and fear of failure   Letting someone else... Read »

Not Having a Strategic Plan is the #1 Business Failure

The lack of a well-constructed and properly-thought-through strategic plan could be killing your business and profits. The brutal fact is that one of the top reasons business fail, according to the SBA, is a lack of planning.   Many, if not most, business owners are... Read »

What Leadership Team Coaching Can Do for Your Company

“No single leader can any longer meet the demands placed on them and there is growing recognition of the need for highly effective leadership teams.”  ~Peter Hawkins, the top thought leader on the subject of leadership team coaching in his book, Leadership Team... Read »

5 Ways to Tell If Your Leadership Team is Effective

What You Can Do If Your Leadership Team Is Weak? As a business owner, your job is to lead, develop, and coach a team of managers that is collaborative, results-oriented, profit-focused, and moves your business forward… your leadership team. Is your leadership... Read »

Leadership in Small Business

Leadership in small business is even more critical than in large corporations. Are 100% of your employees clear on the priorities 100% of the time and do they give you 100% of their energy and talent 100% of the time? How about 90%?  Or do you have employees who are... Read »