Best Practices for Scaling a Business

By implementing these best practices for scaling a business, you can create a strategic plan and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. What Does Scaling a Business Mean? Scaling your business isn’t the same as growing it. Growing your business involves... Read »

How to Set KPIs

It’s common for small businesses not to clearly lay out standards for their work processes. Why? Because they’re small, they’ve grown organically over time and achieved success without clearly defined standards. However, once a small business reaches a certain level... Read »

How to Fire with Compassion

I talked to a business owner recently who’d kept a woman as his office manager for 2 years when he knew she wasn’t good for his business. He hated the idea of firing her but finally he had the conversation with her to tell her that he was letting her go. He was... Read »

Different Employee Retention Strategies

A high turnover rate can be disruptive, demoralizing, and expensive. To ensure your top talent stays with your organization, implement effective employee retention strategies. Why Is Retaining Talent Important for Business? With every year that an employee stays at... Read »

How to Drive Customer Engagement

Customer relationships are about more than just providing a product or service. It’s also important to focus on customer engagement by building relationships through positive interactions. Why Is Customer Engagement Important? Customer engagement is the process of... Read »

Estimate Your Managing and Leading Percentage

What’s the difference between managing and leading when you’re the owner of a small business? And is there a “right” percentage of time you should spend in each? People sometimes equate managing and leading as the same thing. While there’s overlap, there are distinct... Read »