7 Practical Ways to Support Small Businesses

Your loyal customers would love to support you but they probably don’t know how to do it (other than buy from you, of course). Support small business – it’s a thing now and that’s great. However, it can help you and your fellow small business owners even more if... Read »

How to Keep Good Employees

You used creative techniques to hire your new, good employees. Now let’s look at some creative techniques to keep good employees. We’re hearing time and again right now that leaders find good employees, but they aren’t lasting. Whether there’s a “great... Read »

Finding the Good Employees

If you’ve walked the city and suburb streets lately, opened a newspaper, or scrolled through social media, you’ve likely discovered a recurring theme: Good employees are wanted. Everywhere. It’s not just your company that’s looking for good, solid employees. It’s the... Read »

14 Practical Ways to Improve Your EQ

If you’ve ever… Been told you hurt an employee’s feelings Barked out a directive in the heat of a busy moment Declared a mandate based on your discovery of an error Been so overwhelmed that you snapped at a team member   …you’ve probably failed to use your good... Read »

How to Treat High Potential Employees Differently

The Fortune 500 companies and other large employers have quite sophisticated programs for what to do with high potential, or high performing, employees. For small and medium businesses, it really boils down to how to treat high potential employees differently. And... Read »