What an Org Chart Can Do for Your Small Business

As your business grows, people come, people go, roles change, and complexity increases. So it’s imperative that you know you’ve got the right roles, the right people, and that people are doing things right. The org chart ensures that. You probably don’t think your... Read »

Building a Leadership Team; A Case Study

It’s not uncommon for everyone to report to the owner in a fast-growing small business… but it sure does cause a lot of problems. Building a leadership team can alleviate those problems. The problem that occurs when there’s just you leading everything is that everyone... Read »

How Business Owners Can Build Good Habits

The most successful entrepreneurs all say they build good habits. Would you say you have good habits? For example, we coach business owners to ‘eat the frog’ – do the task you dread the most first thing of the day. If you don’t? You’ll spend the rest of the day doing... Read »

Handling Mistakes: Creating a Culture of Courage

“Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts”. Nikki Giovanni, American Poet, Writer, and Activist  You’re the boss and you’ve made a mistake—   You misspoke   You quoted a statistic incorrectly   You told someone how to fix a problem, it... Read »