4 Ways to Build a Great Company Culture

Ever look in the mirror and think you look one way, only to hear from a trusted friend or admirer that last night’s lack of sleep is as evident to everyone else as it is to you? Sometimes, we don’t always perceive our realities correctly. As a business owner, this can... Read »

Focus on your strengths to reach your full potential

You’ve probably taken a test or assessment that identified your strengths and weaknesses. Do you remember the first thing you did when you read the results? If you’re like most people, you probably jumped straight to the weaknesses and thought, “okay, what can I do... Read »

The Role of the Business Owner – Enjoy It More

Do you dislike many of the tasks you find yourself doing in the role of the business owner? You can create a more enjoyable role for yourself. And creating a more enjoyable for you can also be a big boost for the success of your business. In the role of the business... Read »

Management and Leadership – Which is Better?

Do you manage your business or do you lead it?  Management and leadership are both necessary; if you’re the owner, chances are you do both.     What’s the difference between management and leadership?   Managing involves things like budgets, cutting... Read »

What Leadership Team Coaching Can Do for Your Company

“No single leader can any longer meet the demands placed on them and there is growing recognition of the need for highly effective leadership teams.”  ~Peter Hawkins, the top thought leader on the subject of leadership team coaching in his book, Leadership Team... Read »