How to Build a Leadership Team for Small Businesses

Building a leadership team is easy, but building a leadership team that helps small businesses reach their goals requires a little more effort than hiring and promoting.So how do you create an effective leadership team for your small business? Let’s explore the ways... Read »

25 Ways to Avoid Quiet Quitting – Advice from Business Coaches

Quiet Quitting, the latest buzzword for employees who aren’t engaged, who do the bare minimum, and who, as we used to call it, “quit and stay,” isn’t a new problem and whether it’s worse now than in the past is debatable. Nevertheless, the issue is an important one.... Read »

How to Get Employees to Accept Change

It’s one thing for you as the business owner to declare that a change is necessary.  It’s another thing entirely to get your team on board.  How to get employees to accept change? If your people are unable to adapt, your progress grinds to halt. If your company is... Read »

Overcoming Negative Meetings

Do you have trouble overcoming negative meetings when you run the meeting? Do the meetings you run often go down the “Negative Meeting Rabbit Hole? Are your employees great at pointing out why ideas and suggestions won’t work? Are you frustrated, hesitant to run any... Read »

How Business Owners Can Build Good Habits

The most successful entrepreneurs all say they build good habits. Would you say you have good habits? For example, we coach business owners to ‘eat the frog’ – do the task you dread the most first thing of the day. If you don’t? You’ll spend the rest of the day doing... Read »

Handling Mistakes: Creating a Culture of Courage

“Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts”. Nikki Giovanni, American Poet, Writer, and Activist  You’re the boss and you’ve made a mistake—   You misspoke   You quoted a statistic incorrectly   You told someone how to fix a problem, it... Read »