The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Do your employees have trouble getting on the same page? Do they spend more time arguing than working together? Do you know how much it’s costing you? Without good teamwork, the work takes longer, there are more mistakes, and it costs you more money. Companies often... Read »

6 Quick Ways To Tell If Your Business Needs Teambuilding

Have you ever walked into a business, a fast food restaurant, a bank, and been greeted with, well, nothing? Here are some early signs the business has team problems: Employees look disinterested No one looks at or acknowledges you They all look bored to death When you... Read »

Turning Over the Reins of the Family Business

Susie and I always say that it takes a commitment to healthy relationships, positive communication, and a common vision to run a family business effectively. The leader of a family business must be able to understand and foster RQ, Relationship Intelligence not only... Read »

How to Deal with Conflict in Family Business

In last week’s post, I outlined 8 “false assumptions” about family-owned businesses. This week—conflict in family business. If you’re in business, conflict is inevitable. If not managed well, it can ruin a business. And if it’s a family business, it’s a fact that... Read »

8 Myths of Running a Family Business

I love being in business with my wonderful wife, Susie. She’s a brilliant marketing strategist and leadership advisor, someone I rely on constantly for her insight, warmth, and skill—in both our personal AND business lives. And though I’d be loathe to speak for her, I... Read »