Growth Produces Complexity—Changes You Can Make to Manage It

Growth in your small business is great… but growth produces complexity. When your business is small you have a small number of functions. But as profit and sales grow and the number of employees grows, the need for more and specialized functions also grows. HR needs... Read »

How to Hold People Accountable

Business owners commonly — and often correctly — feel as though they’re the hardest-working person in their business, leading them to wonder how to hold others accountable. You’re already on the right track if you’re looking for ways to hold people accountable.... Read »

Scaling Up with Verne Harnish to Increase Your Capacity

“I started my company at age 19. Though I hadn’t gone to college I read a lot of business-building books, blogs, and articles and as I hired people I read leadership and management content. In a few years I grew my manufacturing company to $14M on my own. By the... Read »

Beyond COVID19 the Focus Is Small Business Growth

If you’re like a lot of us business owners, the pandemic exposed some vulnerabilities: Overnight I couldn’t pay make payroll or rent Revenue took a nose dive and cash flow went out the window Or the opposite, increased demand for your product, but still,... Read »

A Case Study and How Business Coaching Helped

Jay was ready to walk away from his business. He’d grown it from 3 people to 18 and it had gotten too complicated. Everyday someone was upset, a crucial deadline was missed, equipment broke down, or a myriad of other problems occurred. He was sick of it. He was... Read »