Succession Planning for Family Business

Is your son or daughter not taking the reins of the family business with enough energy or fortitude? Are you afraid to step on your brother’s toes by continuing to push through your idea? Mom or Dad showing signs of forgetfulness? We’ve led many small business owners... Read »

Google CEO: “Everybody needs a business coach”

In social settings, we get lots of practice explaining what we do because we get a blank stare if we just say, “I’m a business coach.”  Business coaching is starting to catch on in the US and it’s a nice assist when Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO hires a business... Read »

Growth Produces Complexity—Changes You Can Make to Manage It

Growth in your small business is great… but growth produces complexity. When your business is small you have a small number of functions. But as profit and sales grow and the number of employees grows, the need for more and specialized functions also grows. HR needs... Read »

How to Hold People Accountable

Business owners commonly — and often correctly — feel as though they’re the hardest-working person in their business, leading them to wonder how to hold others accountable. You’re already on the right track if you’re looking for ways to hold people accountable.... Read »

Scaling Up with Verne Harnish to Increase Your Capacity

“I started my company at age 19. Though I hadn’t gone to college I read a lot of business-building books, blogs, and articles and as I hired people I read leadership and management content. In a few years I grew my manufacturing company to $14M on my own. By the... Read »