Proven business coaching methods

From the values it was built upon to the very people it employs, every business or organization has many aspects that are entirely unique and exclusive to it. That’s why at Inspire Results Business Coaching, we use our SERVANT model to get to know every aspect of your business and capture and categorize these unique details in a way that helps you identify priorities necessary to achieve your business’ fullest potential.

The SERVANT method can provide an overall snapshot for business owners to understand and assess where they’re at and determine how to get where they want, need and deserve to be.

Roger added so much more than I could have on my own, even if I had discipline. It gave me a different look at my business and held me accountable, and caused me to hold my staff more accountable. We’ve used him for helping us with our sales and marketing strategy, business planning, organization and staffing.
John Goode

What keeps you up at night as a business owner? Whatever it is, you're not alone.

We can help, because we’ve been there. Inspire Results Business Coaching clients get a 300-700% return on investment within the first year.