14 Practical Ways to Improve Your EQ

If you’ve ever… Been told you hurt an employee’s feelings Barked out a directive in the heat of a busy moment Declared a mandate based on your discovery of an error Been so overwhelmed that you snapped at a team member   …you’ve probably failed to use your good... Read »

Is a Business Coach Right for You

Bill Gates said, “Everybody needs a coach.” Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO hired a business coach and said it too, and so did Anthony Robbins. The BBB confirmed that “Inspire Results’ clients get 300-700% ROI on their coaching fees in the first year, often in the... Read »

Create a Thankfulness Culture in Your Small Business

Business owners are human and humans tend to look for things that are going wrong instead of looking for things that are going right. One study found that 74% of people would consider finding a new job today because of lack of recognition? That’s 3 out of 4 people—a... Read »

How to Treat High Potential Employees Differently

The Fortune 500 companies and other large employers have quite sophisticated programs for what to do with high potential, or high performing, employees. For small and medium businesses, it really boils down to how to treat high potential employees differently. And... Read »

It’s OK to Treat People Differently

There’s a misguided thought that leaders and managers should treat all employees the same. It’s actually better, however, to treat people differently. EEO regulations and increased attention to racism are, of course, good objectives but can lead some to... Read »