Social Media Strategies So Simple Your Teenager Could Do Them

Okay, okay, I know.  The title of this blog post is “Social Media Strategies So Simple Your Teenager Could Do Them”—but with how tech savvy kids are these days, I probably should have called it “Social Media Strategies So Simple YOU Could Do Them.” But as connected as... Read »

Turning Over the Reins of the Family Business

Susie and I always say that it takes a commitment to healthy relationships, positive communication, and a common vision to run a family business effectively. The leader of a family business must be able to understand and foster RQ, Relationship Intelligence not only... Read »

How to Deal with Conflict in Family Business

In last week’s post, I outlined 8 “false assumptions” about family-owned businesses. This week—conflict in family business. If you’re in business, conflict is inevitable. If not managed well, it can ruin a business. And if it’s a family business, it’s a fact that... Read »

8 Myths of Running a Family Business

I love being in business with my wonderful wife, Susie. She’s a brilliant marketing strategist and leadership advisor, someone I rely on constantly for her insight, warmth, and skill—in both our personal AND business lives. And though I’d be loathe to speak for her, I... Read »