Find Your WHY and Find More Profits

As I’ve led clients through their planning at the start of 2013, I’ve found that using Simon Sinek’s work on finding your WHY is a good tool to help you create your purpose statement. He says that all the great and inspiring leaders of the world think and act the same... Read »

Create a Sure-Fire Guarantee

This month I’m helping you get a big return on every marketing dollar you spend by creating an overall marketing strategy. In the 4 blogs preceding this one, you’ve determined your USP, identified your ideal customer and your target market. The final step in your... Read »

Identifying Your Market

By the end of this month’s blog series, you’ll have a guaranteed strong return on your marketing dollars. With my 1st 2 blogs, you nailed down your USP. Last week you defined your Ideal Customer. Now, using that detailed definition of your ideal customer, you’ll... Read »

Identifying Your Ideal Customer

This month I’m guaranteeing a strong return on your marketing investment. With my last 2 blogs, you nailed down your USP. Next you need a specific description of your Ideal Customer. This goes deeper than you might think. If you say your ideal customer is “anyone... Read »

How to Create Your Unique Selling Proposition

  Last week I wrote about why a Unique Selling Proposition is important as the foundation of your marketing strategy. You don’t want to spend money on marketing until you have your USP developed. After you read this week’s blog, you’ll know exactly how to create... Read »