The Most Powerful Marketing Tool on the Planet

Did you know that the average American is subjected to over 5,000 advertising messages…each and every single day? 5,000. Yet of those 5,000, how many do you respond to? Not many, right?  Why is that? It’s because most of the messages didn’t provide any meaningful... Read »

Why You Should Fall In Love with Your Customers

If you want to run a successful business, you need to have a love affair with your prospects. Remember the first time you fell in love?  You wanted to know everything about her!  Her thoughts, her feelings, her experiences. You wanted to make her life better. It’s the... Read »

Clean Up Your Thought-Life and Get More Profits

Do you have a problem with “trashy” thoughts? No, not those kinds of trashy thoughts!  😉  I’m talking about thoughts that form the way you think about life, business, success, and your place in the world.  Are they positive?  Harsh?  Optimistic?  Reasonable? ... Read »

What the Top 3% of Business Owners Do…that the Rest DON’T

Here’s a bone-chilling statistic for you: just 3-5% of business owners earn considerable wealth. That means that 95-97% don’t. 95-97% of business owners struggle year in and year out to keep things moving forward…to create opportunities and income…to bring their... Read »

Identify Your Core Values in 30 Minutes or Less

In my last post Know Your Values: They Really Are Key to Your Biz’s Long-Term Success, I shared with you the importance of living in alignment with your core values. Since then, I’ve received feedback with this question: “Okay, great—I know I need to live in alignment... Read »