Are You in Prison?

Are you in prison? That might seem like a strange question…but if you’re like many of the entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate leaders I’ve worked with over the years, you probably have a sense that you’re trapped in your own company... Read »

5 Reasons You Need a Strategic Plan in Your Business

Imagine how you’d react if you hired a general contractor to build a home, and he refused to use blueprints.  If he said, “You know, I’m just gonna use instinct and gut on this one”—as opposed to effective strategy, planning, measurement, and management. How long... Read »

The 7 things a business coach knows that can help your business

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9 Reasons to Use a Business Advisor

You own a business because you had a vision of how it could be. Have you lost that vision? Does it seem naïve in the face of brutal reality? How do you know you’re doing everything you can, and doing it well, to make your company great? Here are the top 9 FAQ’s about... Read »