Why You’ve Hit a Revenue Ceiling

In my work as a business advisor, I get phone calls and emails pretty much every day with frustrated entrepreneurs asking me this question: “When I started my business, things really took off.  But lately, we’ve found that we aren’t growing at all.  It’s like we’ve... Read »

Create a Conspiracy of Love with Your Business

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” – Hamilton Wright Mabie It’s the end of the year, and Christmas is knocking on the door. We’ve spent a lot of time and space on the blog this month talking about planning, about vision,... Read »

How to Lead Your Company through Important Transitions

Let’s face it. Change is a difficult, but inevitable, part of life—and business is no different.  If your company is going to succeed over the long term, it has to be able to adapt to ever-evolving market conditions, competition, regulations…the list of possibilities... Read »

Why Traditional Goal Setting Just Doesn’t Work

Face it. You’ve set dozens of business goals that you’ve never achieved. It’s a pretty demoralizing experience, isn’t it? When you get started, you’re all in. You’re energized and excited with promises that “this time it’ll be different”. Then, at some point your... Read »