Simple business plans

“We’re on target to exceed our planned growth due to a simplified strategic business plan combined with quarterly action plans.”  Plumbing, heating, and cooling company owner and Growth Plan Business Planning Workshop attendee A simple business plan is the way to go... Read »

The top mistake made by business owners

The top mistake made by business owners. Is it… Under-funding Not reinvesting enough in your business Insufficient cash flow Lack of marketing investment Lack of general business knowledge Being a weak leader Yes, all of these can be classified as a top mistake... Read »

A 7-step process – how to hire great people

If you’re like some of my business owner clients, you don’t hire that often and so, when you do, it’s difficult to remember how to hire, let alone how to hire great people.. There’s no one or two things that help you through the steps of hiring or can help you hire... Read »

6 Leadership Skills Biz Owners Need

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You’re not a good leader just because you … Are the owner Occupy a position at the top of the ladder Are smarter Work harder Have more money Know how to tell people what to do Know more about the work than anyone else Some or all of... Read »