How to Drive Customer Engagement

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Estimate Your Managing and Leading Percentage

What’s the difference between managing and leading when you’re the owner of a small business? And is there a “right” percentage of time you should spend in each? People sometimes equate managing and leading as the same thing. While there’s overlap, there are distinct... Read »

How to Change Your Company Culture

Your business has a culture, but is it the one you want?Having a strong company culture is essential for any successful business. It impacts how your team feels about their work and affects your organization’s overall performance. But is organizational culture... Read »

Pulled in 100 Directions? Establish Meeting Rhythms

Are people coming to you constantly throughout the day? No time to work ON the business instead of IN it? Way too many e-messages and texts between you and your team? Do you feel like the hub of a bicycle wheel with every employee a spoke that has to go through you to... Read »