Your Small Business Requires Different Levels

Small business owners might be surprised to know that a small business requires different levels. Layers aren’t just for large corporations. While a flat organization can reduce costs associated with excess layers and foster coordination between you and employees, the... Read »

Business Survival Guide: Adapting to Change

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, it’s crucial to anticipate and respond to evolving trends and challenges. Unfortunately, 96% of businesses don’t survive a ten-year period, but you can defy the odds by staying ahead of change.1.... Read »

Thankfulness Culture: A Pathway to Profit for Your Business

We business owners are human and we humans tend to look for things that are going wrong instead of looking for things that are going right. 74% of people say they would consider finding a new job because of lack of recognition! That’s 3 out of 4 people. Put... Read »

Getting People to Come in to Work on Time

In a recent coaching session with a veterinarian owner, the owner said, “We’re having trouble getting people to come in to work on time. What can we do about that?” She didn’t want to fire them because the employees who were tardy, otherwise, added value and were... Read »

Unlocking Business Profitability: A CEO’s Guide

Do you want to make a profit in your business? Of course, you do. But how can you achieve it? Let’s dive into the essential steps.1. Measure Your ProfitabilityAdd up all your income sources – sales, services, interest – and deduct your expenses like rent and... Read »